Self-Employment Assistance Program (SEAP)

WA State Employment Security Department Self-Employment Assistance Program (SEAP)

If you have decided to start your own business, the Northwest Business Training Center is here to help. Our 4-week business training program called Business BootCamp™ can provide you with a strong business foundation and practical training.
(For more information on the business training series, see "Business BootCamp" page)

Northwest Business Training Center's Business BootCamp program (live classes and the Distance Learning program) is approved by the Washington State Employment Security Department (ESD) as an Approved Provider. This means that once approved by Employment Security Dept., you will continue to collect unemployment benefits while you receive entrepreneurial training and business counseling during the five-week in-class course study plus 5 month of additional consulting (a total of 6 months in the program).

The Self-Employment Assistance Program (SEAP) does not pay for class fees. You are responsible for any financial planning needed to complete the training program.

Business BootCamp™ Online Course Study
The Business BootCamp™ training is considered a full-time (35 hour per week) course which is expected that you put in 35 hours or more towards training and building your business. You will have homework that does take time to complete. This homework is research and the building of your business. As an entrepreneur "in training," you will learn  marketing, finance, and business operations and management. This course is also offered as a Distance Learning and is approved by ESD as a SEAP program.

As an approved SEAP provider, our program features three components:

  • Business BootCamp - four business training classes
  • Business Counseling - four 1-hour sessions
  • Technical Assistance - four 1-hour sessions

Business Consulting & Technical Assistance for Business BootCamp Students
Northwest Business Training Center consulting service is available to you at no additional cost for the full 6 months. As you move through the Business BootCamp program building your business, we will provide general business counseling and coaching that includes not only how to succeed professionally, but also available to discuss personal budgeting, discussing how to fund your business venture, and related business issues.

Throughout the program, you have the opportunity to email or speak with the Northwest Business Training Center consultant to discuss your business idea and cover other topics as record keeping/bookkeeping, business taxes, advertising strategies, pricing, operations, human resources, legal structures, financing your business, and other topics relating to your business.

A Business BootCamp™ Certificate of Completion and a "Letter of Completion" is awarded by the instructor and is based on student’s completion of the course with a completed (or a good start) business plan.

Process for ESD approval into the SEAP program
You will need to complete the ESD SEAP application. When completing the form, you need to use your ID#.

To obtain a signature from a Northwest Business Training instructor, scan in the completed and signed SEAP application and email it to:

If you do not have a scanner, you can mail the completed application to the address at the bottom of the page.
We will complete our portion, sign it and send in the form to ESD.

Once you have been approved for the SEAP program...
When you have been approved by ESD to participate in the Business BootCamp, you will attend the 4-session training program and then continue working with your instructor/consultant for the complete 6 months as you continue to build your business. You will continue working with your instructor completing your business plan and progressing through your business start-up phase. The "end-date" of the program is a full 6 months in order for you to continue to build your business while continuing to receive Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits.

During this 6 month period, Employment Security Department will send you "Progress Reports" (approximately) every 6 weeks for you to complete, sign and have your instructor sign, and fax in to their office. This Progress Report continues to be sent to you until the end of the 6-month program at which point you send them the final Letter of Completion.

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What Clients are Saying



"Just to let you know: I have had very few that are interested in self-employment right now. However, your program is the one that I will refer any future clients for the SEAP Entrepreneurial program. I feel that your course offering is very thorough and hits the mark for someone starting out. Thank you for providing this training. You are doing a great service to help others."

Stephanie Walsh
Employment Counselor
Dislocated Worker Unit @ WorkSource Yakima



“Thank you so much, Rebecca, for your generous time on the phone with me earlier this afternoon. Thank you for answering my questions and concerns. I now feel comfortable taking the next step in the program. I'm excited about working with you on building my business.” 

–Ben G. 



"Hi Rebecca—I talked to someone at the ESD this week and gave your program high marks. They said they’ve heard that from others as well. They were happy to hear that the folks in your class have taken SEAP seriously and made good progress. This appears to be a program that works!" 

–Gary Gesellchen, Vanatoo

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